Why not partner with a dynamic sport?

ASA is looking for sponsors for the 2013-2014 season and beyond. There are very many different ways you can sponsor our organization, this could be by product sponsoring for our events, supply services or products for our day-to-day businesses or financially.

Throughout a season we have competitions all across Alberta and use various media to announce these exciting events, it is a great opportunity for your brand to be named on event posters and named in other forms of Media, we are even open for naming competitions after your brand if that is what you are looking for. Next to hosting events there are obviously other cost to our organization that would be greatly appreciated if it were donated, as we are a non-profit organization. Things you can think of that would help us tremendously would be gas cards to attend various events, sponsoring of volunteer lunches, flag gates, radio’s, pamphlets, website hosting, just to name a few. ASA would in return post your logo’s at the various events, the website and other media.

If you are interested in sponsoring in one way or another, please contact our Office Manager  Aletta de Rooij at 403.247.5609 or admin@albertasnowboarding.com, to learn more about sponsoring opportunities.