Survey Results – Alberta Series Part I

| February 1, 2013

After the Alberta Series Part I, ASA has sent out the survey links for parents, riders and coaches and was hoping for a big response. Thank you to all 9 parents, 8 athletes and 2 coaches for your feedback!

Here are some of the highlights of the results:

  1. The competition, airbag, terrain park and the combination training and competitions were considered helpful to very helpful by most
  2. Pricing of the event was good according to most (14 out of 19)
  3. The distance to travel is mainly Edmonton/Red Deer area, Calgary and Bow Valley, with some that are willing to travel throughout the province
  4. Competitions frequency is preferred at once or twice a month and every other weekend (which comes down to twice a month in most months)
  5. Preferred events by the respondents are Half pipe (18), Slopestyle (18) and Rail Jams (19)
  6. The food voucher, coaches don’t think it a healthy option. Parents are happy with it (7 out of 9) and riders had mostly comments that a different drink would be preferred, but that it was a good deal.
  7. Judging clinic was received as a good format, but needs more announcement for parents.
  8. There is a great interest in the Canada~Snowboard National Training camp, especially when it is held in Alberta and the focus is Freestyle.
  9. Age categories of respondents, Riders: 13-15 (3) 16-19 (2) 20+ (3), Parents with riders ages: 9-12 (4), 13-15 (5), 16-19 (0), 20 and up (1), Coaches had age ranges: 9-12 (1), 13-15 (2), 16-19 (1)
  10. Location of respondents: Riders: Calgary (6), Grande Prairie (2), Parents: Calgary (5), Edmonton (1), Grande Prairie (2), Red Deer (1)

We had over 100 participants over the weekend, so the survey might not reflect all riders, parent and coaches thoughts, if you want us to use your opinion in our organization, please fill out the next survey after the next event!



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